• The presented data and prices are informative, they should not be counted as a contract offer and should be considered at a 350-360 EUR/HUF exchange rate!
• Prices are indicative, based on net prices and calculated with net floor space, the technical content is modifiable. (For example: windows and external insulation system thickness, etc...)
• Prices do not include groundwork, but if it is needed our company can undertake that by arrangement and price-setting. (it depends on the terrain and soil mechanics)
• The given prices refer to the connection points in the ground on the property (for water, gas, sewage, electricity) and the installation of the public utilities outside the property is not included in the price!
• The price can vary significantly, because of the logistics costs! (for example: the land would like to built on is far for our company's site, or there is the in the other regions of the country or abroad, or even any kind of difficulty about the soil mechanics which overcome a significant impact on costs)